We are Buzca Engineering Solutions

More than 50 Years Providing Comprehensive Solutions

About Us

Since 1969 Making History: What began operating as an industrial diving services company and attention to underwater emergencies, today evolved into a comprehensive solution for specialized marine, underwater, environmental and oceanographic engineering services. , thanks to the experience acquired, investments in infrastructure and integration of qualified human talent.

Let us verify that at Buzca S.A. We offer engineering services with high standards of quality, safety and efficiency, from Cartagena de Indias – Colombia to Latin America.

Integral Solutions

Buzca S.A. It is the strategic ally of its clients, materializing their ideas, working closely, promoting business and professional development, based on experience, knowledge, innovation and value generation. Backed by business ethics, transparency, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


BUZCA S.A. By 2025, it will implement technological and organizational solutions to optimize and perfect its standards. It will consolidate its commercial area, transforming the business idea into the development of sustainable services that generate value propositions.

Buzca S.A

Our Principles

The principles that apply to all actions and describe behavior
expected of each collaborator, in the development of their activities both inside and outside the Company are the following:

Safety and health at work: We promote a high sense of self-care awareness and healthy environments for our workers and other interested parties.

Professionalism: We guarantee full compliance with the expectations of our clients and other interested parties in an efficient, efficient and effective manner.

Respect and tolerance: We seek to maintain a harmonious organizational climate by strengthening teamwork and promoting collective well-being.

Commitment: We encourage the efficient use of the resources necessary to carry out our activities and obtain results with positive impact.

Honesty and transparency: We instill in the work team to base their decisions and actions on objective criteria that contribute to the growth of the trust of our Company and its good name.