Policy for the Prevention of the Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Psychoactive Substances and Other Addictions

BUZCA S.A., is committed to guaranteeing safe and healthy work environments for workers, contractors and other interested parties because it recognizes that the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, psychoactive substances, drugs and other addictions such as gambling and others, is a problem that does not exist. It only affects the work environment but also the family and social environment, which is why it is decided to develop the following strategies:

1. Do not admit the consumption or being under the influence of tobacco, alcohol, or psychoactive substances and drugs that have effects on the development of the worker’s functions, within the facilities, work centers or during the operation of vehicles or equipment owned or in the service of the Company.
2. Promote awareness and training activities for workers, contractors and other interested parties in order to encourage the creation of healthy habits inside and outside the work environment.
3. Senior management has designated the human and financial capital that allows compliance with this policy, as well as the commitment to workers who identify themselves as sick consumers in providing respectful treatment and support. in the process of rehabilitation.

Failure to comply with this Policy will result in the application of the disciplinary and/or sanctioning regime established in the Internal Work Regulations and current legal regulations for the worker.