Safety and Health at Work Policy

BUZCA S.A. is a company in the construction sector that offers engineering solutions, tailored to the needs of its clients in different specialties such as design, engineering, procurement, construction, management and maintenance, for the development of civil, mechanical and electrical works in exploration, production and transportation activities in underwater pipelines, marine and underwater structures, continental works (Onshore) and marine platforms (Offshore).

For BUZCA S.A., the well-being of its workers, contractors and other interested parties is very important, for this reason, the Company is committed to:

1. Promote a culture of occupational risk prevention among workers, contractors, and other interested parties.

2. Generate a healthy and safe environment, with adequate identification of hazards, evaluation, assessment and control of risks, associated with the activities carried out.

3. Promote a business culture for consultation and participation of workers, to improve the effectiveness of the occupational health and safety management system.

4. Protect the safety and health of workers, by carrying out evaluations and reviews of the management and workplace safety system in order to ensure continuous improvement in all the organization’s processes. .

5. Comply with current legal regulations, and other provisions established by the Government regarding safety and health at work.