BUZCA Engineering Solutions

More than 50 years providing comprehensive solutions


Av. San Martín No. 9 – 145
Edificio Nautilus Piso 12
Cartagena – Colombia




PBX: +57 5 665 3633 / 665 3600
Móvil: +57 315 735 5157
USA: +1 (954) 653 8166

We are already part of the American Lifesaving Association

It is an honor for our company to tell you that we are already part of the American Rescue Association, which specializes in bringing together excellent conditions that allow us to improve maritime rescue and the capacity to respond to victims in coastal and inland waters.

In this way we stand out for our constant work to exalt the work of marine rescuers, protect their lives, the environment and maintain awareness about the dangers of water transport.